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What Brands Do I Shop?

Monday, July 29, 2013
Hey Loves

You ladies always have questions about where I shop for my clothes and shoes so I thought it would be a great idea to create a post with my favorite brands.

What size clothes do I wear?
 I can wear a size 22-32 depending on the shape and material of the clothing. If I'm ordering from Asos I order a US 18 and most times I still have to have the items taking in to fit my body properly. If I'm going for a oversize shirt or pants that is when I would purchase a size 30-32. *Style Tip* going up sizes in tops are perfect to create a crop top. It gives you the ability to expose skin without your shirt looking to small.

What size shoes do I wear?
 I wear a size 11 in shoes and boots (My feet are so fat)

Where do I buy undergarments and girdles?
I buy my undergarments from almost everywhere Target, Walmart, Avenue, Ashley Stewart, and of course Lane Bryant. As for girdles I purchased my pantie girdle from Catherine's and they are amazing they go up to a size 10x. Pantie girdles are a must have for all women in all sizes it smooths out the extra belly fat that you don't what shown through your clothing.

What are your favorite stores to shop?
 My favorite stores to shop are Asos, Ashley Stewart, Avenue, Simplybe, Target,, Macy's and Walmart (I love their men graphic tee and solid tanks)

What is you favorite color?
 My favorite color is black but I'm pushing myself to to get color choices and print for my wardrobe. *Work in progress*

How would you describe your style? 
I would have to say my style is very edgy and fierce. I'm working on learning how to be a little more delicate and soft.

What is your favorite trend at the moment?
I would have to say I'm loving crop tops they are so simple and there are so many endless ways to style a crop top.

I hope this was helpful and remember to expand your choices of stores to shop you never know what amazing things you might find.

What Gives Me Inspiration

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hello loves I'm pretty sure if you follow me on Instagram you have seen these photos before. I prepared this look months ago for a blog post but for some reason I never uploaded the post. I guess I was saving it for the perfect moment and for  the perfect post. Lately I have been over whelmed with work that it sucks the life out of me and I just haven't been pleased with the blog posts I have been doing. I'm so hard on myself because I know that I have talent and I don't ever want it to go to waste. Many people see blogging as a hobby and playing dress up but no one truly knows the work that goes into creating a blog post. I'm such a perfectionist that everything has to be well put together for me to be satisfied with my pictures. I will go to the extreme to get something I need for a post. I'm truly passionate about fashion and I couldn't imagine my life without  blogging but at times life does have a way of knocking you down. One day I was  going through my pictures in my phone on my lunch break and I came across these photos and my heart began to smile. At the very moment I was yet in love all over again with myself, my confidence level is through the roof and there is just know way I can let anything stop me for doing what god called me to do. Looking back over my life from 1 year ago I've grown so much and that just gives me so much inspiration to keep pushing past my obstacles.  Loving yourself is the best feeling in this world and I will continue to encourage you all to be Fierce & Confdent
I thank you all for the continuous support and kind words.  



Pants- Torrid

Indie Show FFFWeek 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hola.. So I know that I like super late with this post. However I got the pleasure of attending FFFWeek this year in NYC. FFFweek had tons of event starting June 17 -June 22, I only attended one event which was the Indie Fashion Show. The Indie Fashion is a showcase of independent designers and this year these designers really showed out. There were designers for London and even Australia and their collection were exquisite. These designers were amazing and they are truly setting the bar for retailers.  The reason I say this is because in my opinion there are no Retail stores that have extraordinary items for purchase. Everything is in online and to me that's one disadvantage plus size women have when purchasing clothing. Shopping online is great but what about the time when you need a last minute shirt, or skirt but what you looking for is only online.  It happens to me all the time and I think it would be a brilliant idea to have some of these designers to sale their merchandise in store fronts. These designs were Sexy, Fun, & Trendy and a lot of skin was shown of the runway. I was in love with all the prints, the sheers, the leather, the lace. I think I have about 30 items on my wish list from the show *Sighs*. Plus Size Fashion has elevated so much in the fashion Industry and Society must *GET WITH IT* So long to all the Boring, Box Fitting, Plane Jane .. Clothes. I was really impressed and I hope that I able to show some designs here on my blog.

Check out some photos.

Here What I Wore.
Clutch- Wild Pair