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Lets Talk Shape Wear

Thursday, May 16, 2013

So summer is here and I know you ladies are definitely going be wearing fabulous dresses, skirts, shorts, and swimwear. To me most plus size woman are mostly concerned about their tummy area. That is the area where all the weight goes and the proper shape wear is very important especially when wearing body fitting clothing. Sometimes women don't invest into certain undergarments because they feel as though the price is too much. I encourage you all to try items out for yourself and get what works for you. I know a lot of women are won over by the squeem body shaper but in my opinion its not the best body shaper.




The squeem does pull you in a great amount but however depending on your body type it creates a pouch at the bottom of the stomach area. Which means you would have to wear a pantie girdle to smooth it out. Before I had knowledge of other shape wear I did buy a squeem I believe its costs around $80. As it started getting closer to spring and summer I wanted a girdle that was very light weight but got the job done. Usually I don't shop in Catherine's but I tried numerous pantie girdles and the support was not good at all. I wear a size 26-28 and I need something that would stay in place and not roll down as I'm moving through out the day. I brought this pantie girdle for $27.00 at Catherine's and I was so amazed in the difference of my clothing from the squeem and this undergarment. I look more well put together and this is how Im able to sexy clothing that exposes my mid drift area.  I say this to say never cast out a store because you think the store doesn't have something for your age group. Always shop around and try things out on your own. Just because a item is pricey doesn't mean it's the best product on the market.

This Bodyshaper is called the Flexees and it is made by Maidenform. The Flexees Instant Slimmer Brief is made of a soft stretch nylon blend. The brief is seamless so you don't have to worry about any lines showing through your clothing . For all of my women that are extended sizes such as 28 and up flexees has briefs for you as well. This lines carries up to a 10x and be sure to get the right size for amazing results. I hope this is helpful and encourages you all to show some skin this summer.

Introducing Ashley Nell Tipton

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hey Beauties I would like to introduce a fabulous young lady by the name of Ashley Nell Tipton. This 21 yr old designer was raised in San Diego, California were she found her love for sewing by designing clothes for her barbies. She learned how to sew at the age of  7 and that's where her journey began. I first learned of this amazing talented young lady after reading her interview with Plus Model Magazine last year.  I was so amazed by the exquisite designs of her collection and I couldn't wait to see more . Ashley started designing in high school and then went to Fashion Careers College in San Diego to pursue her dream of becoming a plus size designer. After attending school for 18 months Ashley was able to graduate and create her own collection for plus size women. Little did Ashley know this would be the jump start of her career. She posted her designs onto Tumblr and was invited to showcase her collection at FFFweek  2012 in NYC.


 I remember emailing Ashley asking her when I would be able to purchase items from the collection and she promised it would be soon. Ashley recently posted that her collection would launch in Mid May 2013  on instagram and I was so excited. I absolutely love her designs because I feel that its playful, chic, and edgy. Her collection also caters to plus size women up to a 6x and in my opinion Ashley has definitely set the bar for other Plus Size Designers and Plus Size Retail Stores. As a wardrobe stylist I have yet to see a retailer or designer that designs clothes for women whom wear a size 6x. I believe that a lot of women that aren't a 1x -3x struggle with finding fabulous clothes to fit them and that's why they are subjected to wearing unflattering clothes. Now that Ashley has made fabulous clothing in extended sizes I know for sure a lot of women wardrobe disasters are over.

Ashley is definitely a designer I want to work with in the future to built my styling portfolio and god willing my prayers will be answered *fingers crossed*  Until that time comes you guys will definitely see me rocking items from her collection.

Here are some items.

Boyfriend shirt, My dress - Favorite Piece

Hello Sunshine Dress

Love Me Lace Crop Top

Shop Ashley Nell at  

Dreamzz Hair Co Re Install

Monday, May 13, 2013
Greeting Beauties ... I know that I told your guys about Dreamzz Hair Co in a previous post back in March but I wanted to give you guys an update on my experience with this company. I originally received 3 bundles of Malaysian Straight hair in inches 18,20,22. When I first received the hair the hair was great minimum tangling and shedding. After I began to apply heat to the hair the hair began to dry out really bad and the tangling and shedding began to be unmanageable. I reached out to the owner of Dreamzz and expressed my concerns about this hair to her, and she informed me that other clients were experiencing the same issues as well. She informed me that she was getting a new hair supplier and that she will do her best to accommodate for the bad experience.

  Within a week or so Trecci (owner) of Dreamz sent me 3 new bundles of hair from the new supplier. This hair is Brazilian Wavy in inches 18,24,26. When I first received the hair was was very pleased with the luster of this new hair and also the pattern of the wave. It was just beautiful.

My first plan was to get an additional 2 bundles of the hair to achieve a very full look. I was way to anxious to wait to I installed the hair myself using a netted cap and over lapping the wefts to avoid cutting and loosing hair. I left about a 1/2 of my out for a leave out and just used edge control for my edges and flat irons to blend in my leave out.

The first week I had the hair installed I just used rods for more body and I didn't add any oil, heat, or any combing and brushing. I experienced a very little amount of shedding or tangling . I very pleased with how the hair helped for a week with out any maintenance.

After two weeks of having the Brazilian wavy installed I decided to wash the hair because I tend to sweat a lot from my head therefore it's best for me to wash it more frequently.  I used a Moroccan based shampoo that was great for conditioning and keeping the hair from being very dry and lifeless. The held held up well and then I decided to straighten the hair for a different look. Here is how it look straight;


I used a 1 1/2 Revlon flat iron to straighten the hair and it was easy to get it straight but it did cause some dryness. After trying a couple of products for dryness I found a product that is golden. Its called Biosilk hair therapy and I must admit this product is the Its very light weight and it removes any unwanted smell from the hair.  I used about a nickle size amount every morning and night and the hair still remains bouncy.

You can purchase this product from any cosmetic store such as Sally's, Ulta, Harmon's, and maybe even Target. Overall I'm very pleased with my new hair and I can't wait to try more styles and more colors. Please be sure to check out Dreamzz Hair Co she has amazing deals and I know you beauties would love to look fabulous for a nice price.