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Lets Talk Shape Wear

Thursday, May 16, 2013

So summer is here and I know you ladies are definitely going be wearing fabulous dresses, skirts, shorts, and swimwear. To me most plus size woman are mostly concerned about their tummy area. That is the area where all the weight goes and the proper shape wear is very important especially when wearing body fitting clothing. Sometimes women don't invest into certain undergarments because they feel as though the price is too much. I encourage you all to try items out for yourself and get what works for you. I know a lot of women are won over by the squeem body shaper but in my opinion its not the best body shaper.




The squeem does pull you in a great amount but however depending on your body type it creates a pouch at the bottom of the stomach area. Which means you would have to wear a pantie girdle to smooth it out. Before I had knowledge of other shape wear I did buy a squeem I believe its costs around $80. As it started getting closer to spring and summer I wanted a girdle that was very light weight but got the job done. Usually I don't shop in Catherine's but I tried numerous pantie girdles and the support was not good at all. I wear a size 26-28 and I need something that would stay in place and not roll down as I'm moving through out the day. I brought this pantie girdle for $27.00 at Catherine's and I was so amazed in the difference of my clothing from the squeem and this undergarment. I look more well put together and this is how Im able to sexy clothing that exposes my mid drift area.  I say this to say never cast out a store because you think the store doesn't have something for your age group. Always shop around and try things out on your own. Just because a item is pricey doesn't mean it's the best product on the market.

This Bodyshaper is called the Flexees and it is made by Maidenform. The Flexees Instant Slimmer Brief is made of a soft stretch nylon blend. The brief is seamless so you don't have to worry about any lines showing through your clothing . For all of my women that are extended sizes such as 28 and up flexees has briefs for you as well. This lines carries up to a 10x and be sure to get the right size for amazing results. I hope this is helpful and encourages you all to show some skin this summer.

2 comments on "Lets Talk Shape Wear"
  1. My sister (who is about a size 12 maybe) had on a squeem yesterday and it had her looking amazing. But my concern was how it would affect my pouch down the bottom, as I am a size 22/24. I'm no stranger to shapewear!! I had a Dr. Rey's body shaper, and it did a really great job until it got old and lost some of it's hold. It's still good for smoothing things out, though. Never thought to look in Catherine's for one! I will be checking them out this weekend, cause I need a new one, and I was gonna get the squeem.

  2. Is this one high enough for the back fat issues??? It seems to sit pretty low I am trying to find a good one to smooth out eveyrhting. I tried lane bryant brand and it sucked kept rolling down.