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Introducing Ashley Nell Tipton

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hey Beauties I would like to introduce a fabulous young lady by the name of Ashley Nell Tipton. This 21 yr old designer was raised in San Diego, California were she found her love for sewing by designing clothes for her barbies. She learned how to sew at the age of  7 and that's where her journey began. I first learned of this amazing talented young lady after reading her interview with Plus Model Magazine last year.  I was so amazed by the exquisite designs of her collection and I couldn't wait to see more . Ashley started designing in high school and then went to Fashion Careers College in San Diego to pursue her dream of becoming a plus size designer. After attending school for 18 months Ashley was able to graduate and create her own collection for plus size women. Little did Ashley know this would be the jump start of her career. She posted her designs onto Tumblr and was invited to showcase her collection at FFFweek  2012 in NYC.


 I remember emailing Ashley asking her when I would be able to purchase items from the collection and she promised it would be soon. Ashley recently posted that her collection would launch in Mid May 2013  on instagram and I was so excited. I absolutely love her designs because I feel that its playful, chic, and edgy. Her collection also caters to plus size women up to a 6x and in my opinion Ashley has definitely set the bar for other Plus Size Designers and Plus Size Retail Stores. As a wardrobe stylist I have yet to see a retailer or designer that designs clothes for women whom wear a size 6x. I believe that a lot of women that aren't a 1x -3x struggle with finding fabulous clothes to fit them and that's why they are subjected to wearing unflattering clothes. Now that Ashley has made fabulous clothing in extended sizes I know for sure a lot of women wardrobe disasters are over.

Ashley is definitely a designer I want to work with in the future to built my styling portfolio and god willing my prayers will be answered *fingers crossed*  Until that time comes you guys will definitely see me rocking items from her collection.

Here are some items.

Boyfriend shirt, My dress - Favorite Piece

Hello Sunshine Dress

Love Me Lace Crop Top

Shop Ashley Nell at  

3 comments on "Introducing Ashley Nell Tipton"
  1. OMG...I have to have that black sheer dress! HAVE TO! @_@

    I love that more designers are tailing towards plus size! I've seen some of these pieces so i'm glad to see the designer herself is plus because she knows the body well more than likely!


  2. It was designed perfectly.I like this style.Really nice! Everything I could want in the leather jackets on, good cutting, nice details, great fit.