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Saturday, October 25, 2014

All fashionistas love to keep up with the lastet trends which usually causes us to shop shop shop. However if you would like to save some coins tap into your creative side and revamp your closet. When I say revamp I mean take something out of your closet that you most likey wouldn't wear again because you feel it's out of style.

For example Distressed Jeans are super popular and I've added some to my wardrobe without spending any money . I took some old black ashy jeans and added some cuts at the knee area. To make sure the cut is in the right place I slipped the jeans on inside out and made a mark with a color pencil. I then took the jeans off and began to cut where the mark was on the jeans. Lastly I put those babies in the washer and dryer for a more destroyed touch and in minutes I had my new pair of Distressed Jeans.

Black distressed jeans just happened to be on of the world's favorite fashionista favorite item to wear. Check out how the Fabulous Kim Kardashian rocks her black  distressed jeans .

Look 1 - She pairs her jeans with a long wool trench coat, a black turtleneck, and black pumps.

Look 2 - She paired black distressed jeans with her husband's promo tour t-shirt, a black leather motto jacket, and open toe black sandals .

Look 3- Again she paired the black distressed jeans with a black leather motto jacket , A black t-shirt, and nude pumps .

If you are challenging yourself to do more DIY to revamp your closet please share them with me. 

Booties- Shoedazzle
Shirt- Ebay

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