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DIY Tube Top.. How To Style Ankle Trousers

Thursday, April 18, 2013
As a fashion blogger my goal is to be able to showcase a variety of pieces and not only cater to one type of clothing. We all have things we normally wouldn't wear but why not...Lets start to do the unusual.

I had these white trousers for over a year and I wore them one time to an event with my mom. The event was basically for older people so I knew that I had to dress Conservative. I wasn't really feeling the pants at first but after going through my spring and summer wardrobe I came across these pants, and I was thinking of a way that I can style these pants for a beautiful spring day. I love the fit of the pants they have a great strtetch and the slim ankle just expose the curves of the body.

Now that I'm teaching myself how to sew the ability to make a quick top within in 10 mins is AWESOME. I had some left over material from  a project I did a couple of days before so I figured why not use my creative talent to make a fabulous top to go along with my pants. Since the pants are already a neutral color I wanted to add some jazz to my outfit so I choose to add some pops of color and some print.

 I choose to add a bright pink blazer, a poka dot tube top, and turquiose peep toe wedges. My favorite part of the look would have to be the shoes.
I hope you guys are enjoyed.

Blazer- Avenure (over 1yr)
Trousers (Avenue
Poka dot Top  (Made by Me)
Wedges- Luichiny

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  2. For the record... I think you are my new favorite blogger. OMG, you look AMAAAAYZIIING!!! Yes, I'm going past post perusing right this minute!! You just may be the inspiration I need to get my mojo back!! Thank you so much!

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