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My Legs Are My New Obsession

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's so easy to get caught up on the things we wish to change about ourselves that it begins to overshadow the things we should love about ourselves. Women have so much maintenance to keep up with from Hair, skincare, manicures, pedicures, gym and the list goes on. That they don't get to really focus on the beautiful attributes that god has blessed them with. In my journey of self acceptance I've learn to express my personality through clothing. For years I wouldn't wear certain clothing because of my body , but I realized that my confidence grew as I start shedding layers of clothing I love to look sexy at the appropriate time. It starts by  learning what compliments your body and what doesn't compliments your body. Being a plus size doesn't mean you can wear everything that everyone else wears it means wear what works for you. Every woman carries her weight differently and  in my case I carry my weight in the lower part of my stomach. I find that wearing a pair of high waisted loose fitting pants and a form fitting top gives me the ability to show my mid drift area without looking unflattering.  Another way I enjoy to style my items is wearing a over sized Jacket, or blazer with a form fitting skirt.  I love to show off my legs and my mid drift area I just think is SUPER sexy and It shows that I'm confident in my skin so please don't *TRY IT*. On this particular post I decided to rock my army jacket from Simply be, a neon yellow body con skirt from Forever21 with some sexy lace up shoes. After reviewing all the pictures I couldn't help but to notice how sexy my legs were. I was amazed because this is something that really boost my confidence because I don't do any leg exercise or anything. After posting the pictures of Instagram and receiving so much positive feed back over 500 likes and 30 comments I felt amazing. It showed me to embrace what god has blessed me with and work on the things I want to change. Not that I don't already but every now and then I'm doubtful. I encourage of my viewers to find one thing you love about yourself and leave it in a comment below. Whether it be your hair, your smile, your face structure, your eyes just share with me. I challenge you to ask friends and family member as well "What is one thing you love about yourself that gives you that extra confidence.

"Remember When You Look Beautiful.. You Feel Beautiful*

Jacket- Simply Be
Skirt- Forever21
Shoes- Luichiny

5 comments on "My Legs Are My New Obsession"
  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OKAY??! I love it... you are amazing, you look amazing. Thank you for the tips. I carry my weight there too but I never tried a mid drift. Think I will be bold and do it. I found that the tank top sports bras come down pretty far in my regular size 42, but if I get maybe a 46, I could probably wear it as a mid drift. And get three shirts for $10!!

  2. Girl, yes!!! Unfortunately, my legs don't look as good as yours. But I do have some upsides, I have a killer face with a smile and personality to match. I do wear things that make me feel confident. But, my arms and legs are definitely something I still be working on in the future!!! Love youe style!!!

    xx BeatRobot

  3. love this! very inspirational :)

  4. Love this!!! As a plus size girl myself I tend to constantly criticize myself and worry about things I hate about my body, instead of embracing myself as I am. Love this! You ROCK!!!

  5. GO girl! I love my legs. People always tell me that i have Chicken Legs and they mean that they are lean. Personally i think they are tiny but i get a lot of compliments on them when i wear skirts and things like that. I dont mind either because i can still wear boots as well. I think i got lucky with skinnier arms are well i'm just over having a chest though