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Flash Into Spring

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hey guys so I have been really wanting to start sewing clothes and here are the first items I made. Excited is an  understatement I'm so looking forward to the growth and experience in utilizing my talent and creativity.
You guys know how much I live for black and leather and I'm so not wanting to let go for spring and summer. lol. I would look absolutely ridiculous in black and leather in the summer time . I know fashion has no rules but that would really out of this planet. The first I thing I was anxious to make is faux leather skater skirt. I seen one on but I didn't want to spend $100 on something I probably would only wear once. As you guys can see the back of the skirt looks SHORT. . I think my buns are growing. So next time I'm going to extend the inches of the skirt in the back. Overall I'm very pleased with the outcome being that it was my very first time making something. * Hits The Dougie*

Next I decided to make a neon yellow tank top  with a mock neck. This shirt is made of spandex material that has a great stretch and very light weight. I love black leather paired with a bright color. So electric and bold wish definitely compliments my style.  I love that I'm able to have a vision in my head and now seeing it come to life is the best feeling. Honestly for my body I sometimes struggle with finding items that are great for my wide shoulders and big arms. To me the items I usually find are boring so I find myself always going to the cleaners or getting something custom made.

To Finish My Outfit I Added
Over the knee boots -Victoria Secret
Studded Belt-Lane Bryant

12 comments on "Flash Into Spring"
  1. werrkkkkk! i am loving this whole look!

  2. WOW you made this??! What a wonderful accomplishment! I would be ESTACTIC! Be PROUD. LOVE this look hunn! FAB.


    1. Im super excited cant wait to make more!!

  3. i love this! congrats on making your first clothing!! so exciting right!?

  4. I need that shirt. How can I order 1

  5. you did a great job on your skirt. I feel you on paying for the asos. A lot of the times i think, i'll lose weight so i dont want to buy too many investment pieces like a 100 skirt.

  6. Very nice outcome..I wish I had the patience to learn how to sew lol. Love the mixture of leather and neon. Stay fab.


  7. YAAAAAAAAAS KILT IT DEAD!! I LOVE the skirt and the top!! You look amazing! Your style is on point. Very bold, playful, deliberate and sexy. Yes... the boots?? HONEY!!