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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

 If you haven't heard Beyonce  is the baddest chick in the game right now. On Dec 13, BeyoncĂ© dropped a visual album without any promotion, no leaks, no press, She is super talented and continues to change lives being so powerful and dynamic. I'm impressed with her work ethic and I admire her talent she definitely inspires me to be driven. One of my favorite songs from her self titled album is "Flawless". On this track BeyoncĂ© refers to herself as being flawless.  The song is about defending yourself and saying to heck with people who are negative. I'm always about breaking rules and going the extra mile so here's my way of saying *Bow Down* I wear what I want and how I want . 

Most women of all sizes stray away from wearing prints. Prints can make your look a Hit or Miss. Here I opted to wear a large size Poka Dot skater skirt . Being that the skirt is busy itself I want to make sure it was the perfect length. Prints can sometimes age your look if the fitting of the garment isn't correct. I wanted to able to still look young , and edgy so  I paired the skirt with a causal graphic tee and a solid color  leather jacket. I also added a dark color lace up platform bootie which added some interest to the look. The focus point will now go to my legs and not so much the skirt .

Always Be Bold, Be Daring, Be You

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Outfit Details
Skirt- Asos *Purchased months ago*
Boots- Shoedazzle
Marilyn Monroe Tee- Hot Topic
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