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What's your name?
Shamoneke Thomas

Where are you from?
I'm was born and raised in NJ and yes I'm still living in NJ

What size do you wear?
I normally wear a size 28 but if the cut of the clothing is small I can also wear a size 30/32.

What size shoe do you wear?
I wear a size 11 and sometimes a 12 if the width is narrow?

What are your favorite brands?
Asos, & Simpybe

What shape wear to you wear?
I wear high waist briefs for my shape wear and I get them at Catherine's. I absolutely love Catherine's for shape wear because they have great quality items. They also go up to a size 10x which is major because shape wear in extended sizes can be hard to find. Check out my post on shape wear here Let's Talk Shape Wear

Are you still design clothes for other people?
As some of you may know I've started sewing for myself about 2 years ago. Currently no I'm not sewing for anyone.

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